Alabama laws on drug-crime-related cash forfeiture pretty broad

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Cash Seizure

There are many things that state law allows authorities to do in connection to drug crime enforcement. This includes seizing, and possibly even permanently keeping, property believed to be connected to drug crimes. Among the things authorities here in Alabama sometimes seize in connection to suspected drug offenses is cash.

Alabama law is pretty broad in its rules on what money is subject to forfeiture when it comes to drug offenses. Under state forfeiture law, money can be subject to forfeiture if it was:

  • Used in an illegal drug sale
  • Intended to be used in a drug sale
  • Used in connection to a drug crime
  • Intended to be used in relation to a drug crime
  • The proceeds of a drug sale or other drug crime

So, any money alleged of going into or coming out of drug offenses could be at risk of being seized by law enforcement. A person could then face permanently losing said money through forfeiture.

There are a wide range of circumstances in which individuals could face a seizure, and possible permanent loss, of cash in relation to drug crime enforcement efforts here in Alabama. Whatever the circumstances that led to a seizure, it is critical for people who have had money seized to know what rights they have and what measures could be taken to protect their money from forfeiture. So, promptly seeking out legal guidance from lawyers experienced in forfeiture cases can be a key step for people facing cash seizures in relation to alleged drug crimes here in Alabama.