Assets shouldn’t be seized by cops on a whim

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Asset Forfeiture

When you are pulled over for any reason, including running a stop sign or speeding, the police officer will come to your window to ask you questions. Typically, they ask for your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. You do need to provide these to them, but they might not be done with their quest when they get those answers. Instead, they might continue to question you.

At some point, the officer might ask you if you have any cash or valuable assets. There is a chance that they will seize any that you claim. Many times, they do this when the stop is related to drugs of some sort. The problem that you face now is that they might not want to give the seized items back to you. This starts a long legal process that you will have to use to try to get the seized assets back.

We know that you might feel like this is a hopeless cause, but we are here to help you fight for the assets that you worked hard to obtain. There really isn’t any reason for the police to take your items and cash unless they are certain they came from a criminal activity, such as drug sales.

Another consideration in these cases is the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that we discussed recently. If you think that your assets or cash have been taken illegally, we can fight to have them returned to your possession. We will fight for innocent citizens who have their resources taken for no discernable reason.