Traveling with cash leaves you vulnerable to asset seizure

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Cash Seizure

People carry large amounts of cash for any number of reasons. If you want to buy a used vehicle from a person and not a dealership, you may need to carry cash to complete the transaction. If you hire contractors to work on your home, they may not accept credit cards or checks out of fear of having a customer cancel payment.

You could also be on your way to a vacation where you intend to pay with cash to ensure that you don’t exceed your budget. Whatever your reason, carrying cash can quickly become a problem if police stop and search you.

Police can easily connect cash with drug sales

The unregulated drug market is a cash-only economy. Law enforcement understand this. As a result, they tend to treat large quantities of cash as suspicious under any circumstances. There are countless reasons why people may have cash on them that don’t relate to drugs, but law enforcement will almost always jump to the conclusion that drugs are the source of or reason for large amounts of cash.

They can then seize the cash under civil asset forfeiture laws. Even if they never charge you or convicted with a crime, you could still have a very difficult time getting your money back after law enforcement sees it. No one should have to worry about losing their possessions and assets due to discriminatory beliefs by law enforcement.

If you have lost money because of a cash seizure by law enforcement, it may be time to sit down with an attorney who can help you see what options you have.