How can I prevent cash seizure?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Cash Seizure

Sometimes it’s impossible to travel without carrying a lot of cash with you. Whether you are going on vacation, traveling to another state for a move or simply always have a lot of cash on your person; you are putting yourself at risk of losing that money in a forfeiture or seizure. Here are some tips for preventing a cash seizure so you do not lose your assets.

The easiest and most effective way to prevent cash seizure in Alabama is to avoid carrying large sums of cash with you at all times. For most people, this is easy to do because they never have cash on their person.

If you must carry large sums of cash with you during your travels, make sure there are no narcotics in the car or on your person. Should you be stopped by the police for a traffic violation and a search ensues, your cash will be forfeited along with your vehicle.

Going on vacation? Making a move? Don’t risk losing a ton of money by carrying a lot of cash. Use your debit or credit cards. Write a check. Buy prepaid cards to purchase food during the trip.

Carrying a lot of cash and driving? Obey the speed limit, do not drive drowsy or impaired. Do not use your phone while driving. Do everything possible to follow the rules of the road to avoid being pulled over.

Preventing a cash seizure is not as easy as it sounds or looks. There’s always the risk of having your money taken from you when involved in an accident or a traffic stop. Just do your best to be careful on the roads when carrying a lot of cash. If you do fall victim to what you feel is a wrongful cash grab by the police, please explore your legal options.