Report reveals the massive scale of asset forfeiture

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Cash Seizure

Have you ever wondered just how many assets the government takes from citizens every year? Have you considered the value of those assets?

If not, you may be surprised by what you find. This process is very extensive and can impact you greatly. Keep in mind that they may seize assets before they have actually proven that you were involved in any sort of illegal activity.

Let’s take a look at just one source that reveals how widespread this practice is. The U.S. Marshals reported that, as of September 2018, they had 15,350 assets on hand. The value of those assets was $1.82 billion.

That report came out in 2019, but the stats did not even take into account the entire previous year. Regardless, it’s very clear that a lot of personal assets were taken by the government.

Now, the report also delves into the reasons that the government does this. They talk about attempting to recover assets gained through illegal means and trying to punish those involved in crime.

Again, though, these cash seizures can happen after a simple traffic stop. All it takes is the officer thinking, for instance, that the cash came from a drug sale. There is no way they can prove it on the spot like that, but it may take people a long and complicated legal process to get their assets returned to them.

Have you found yourself in this position, where you may be facing charges and the government has confiscated your assets? Be sure you know your rights and exactly what steps you can take.