3 tips for avoiding a DUI during a celebration

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2019 | DUI

When you have something to celebrate in your life, you may choose to throw a party with alcohol. Whether you have a birthday, anniversary, engagement or other joyous occasion, you might serve drinks or go out to a bar.

However, when you must travel to a party, you put yourself at risk of getting a DUI. You want to make sure you avoid any reason for you getting behind the wheel after drinking. Here are a few tips to prevent drinking and driving when celebrating:

  • Plan to take a cab or rideshare – If you need to leave your house, taking a taxi, Uber or Lyft can prevent you from even having access to your car. You won’t have the temptation to drive home after drinking if you don’t have your vehicle.
  • Catch a ride from a sober friend – If you are going somewhere with a group of people, see if anyone will be a designated driver.
  • Avoid drinking – You can also choose to be the sober driver for your friends. When you decide to drive, remember that your friends count on you to not drink.

What happens if you do get arrested?

If you do end up driving after having a couple of drinks, the police may pull you over and test you for a DUI. If they do, stay calm and be respectful. Try not to admit any fault and call an attorney as soon as possible if police arrest you.

Drinking is often a part of different celebrations. But whether you have a few beers or glasses of punch, having alcohol in your system can lead to a DUI if you decide to drive.


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