3 safety tips for senior drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Firm News

As you get older, you and your loved ones may begin to look at what you should and should not do. Should you stop eating carbs? Should you be taking supplemental vitamins? Should you be driving?

Senior citizens in their 90s still want the freedom to get in their cars and drive wherever and whenever they want. Are you any different? What can you do to make yourself feel safer when you drive? Here are three tips for a protected trip.

1. Discuss medications with your doctor

Do any of your current medications have side effects such as blurry vision, dizziness, sleepiness or fatigue? If so, talk with your doctor about finding new medications or changing the dosages. Verify with your physician or pharmacist what the side effects are and if they believe the prescriptions will interfere with your driving.

2. Buy a car with new technologies

The AAA and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute found six technology features that may help you drive safer. These include:

  • Forward collision warning
  • Automatic crash notification
  • Parking assist with rear-view display
  • Self-parking systems
  • Navigation assistance

3. Understand your limitations

Although you may think you are fit to drive, there may be some limitations you have that you are not aware of. Do your hands hurt when you grip the steering wheel? Does your back not have the support it needs? Speak with your doctor about seeing an occupational therapist or find assistive devices that can help you drive easier.

You want to continue to have the freedom to drive where you want and not have to rely on others. To continue to be safe on the road, follow these tips or speak to your friends or family about the best way to keep driving safely.