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How can I prevent cash seizure?

Sometimes it's impossible to travel without carrying a lot of cash with you. Whether you are going on vacation, traveling to another state for a move or simply always have a lot of cash on your person; you are putting yourself at risk of losing that money in a forfeiture or seizure. Here are some tips for preventing a cash seizure so you do not lose your assets.

Traveling with cash leaves you vulnerable to asset seizure

People carry large amounts of cash for any number of reasons. If you want to buy a used vehicle from a person and not a dealership, you may need to carry cash to complete the transaction. If you hire contractors to work on your home, they may not accept credit cards or checks out of fear of having a customer cancel payment.

Voluntary database to compile civil asset forfeiture information

The Alabama District Attorneys Association says that public reports will be compiled to provide data on civil asset forfeitures in this state. The goal is transparency through the Alabama Forfeiture Accountability System, which will include information about cases that involved law enforcement officers seizing assets due to the suspicion of criminal activity.

Reasons behind cash seizures in relation to criminal activity

Asset seizure, including police officers taking cash, is something that most people hope will never happen to them. Still, this sometimes occurs because the officers tie the assets to criminal activities. This is where things might get a little iffy because some officers might try to link assets, especially cash, together with criminal activities even when there isn't any evidence of that type of activity.

Can police seize money they think may be related to drugs?

Would you assume that police could only take your hard-earned money if they could prove in court that it was related to drug sales? That would make sense, as taking assets seems like a massive step that should never be taken lightly, but that's not how it works. Police can actually take your money on suspicion alone, long before they prove anything.

Alabama laws on drug-crime-related cash forfeiture pretty broad

There are many things that state law allows authorities to do in connection to drug crime enforcement. This includes seizing, and possibly even permanently keeping, property believed to be connected to drug crimes. Among the things authorities here in Alabama sometimes seize in connection to suspected drug offenses is cash.

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